Car Bomb Kills The Daughter Of Putin Ally Alexander Dugin

Car Bomb Kills The Daughter Of Putin Ally Alexander Dugin

A car exploded outside Moscow on Saturday night, killing the daughter of Putin Ally Alexander Dugin, one of Vladimir Putin’s most prominent supporters.

In Russian media, Mr Dugin is portrayed as a hardline nationalist and a supporter of the Ukrainian war.

The government-linked Tass news agency reported on Saturday evening that Darya Dugina, 29, was killed instantly.

Andrei Krasnov told Tass that the car bomb was intended for Mr Dugin, who owned the Toyota Land Cruiser.

An investigation has been launched into the murder of a Russian citizen.

Separatist leaders in Ukraine blamed Kyiv for the blast.

A terrorist group affiliated with the Ukrainian regime blew up Alexander Dugin’sDugin’s daughter instead of liquidating him Denis Pushilin wrote on Telegram.

As a longtime supporter of annexation by Russia of parts of Ukraine, including Crimea, and of Russian military intervention in former Soviet republics, including Georgia, Mr Dugin has long advocated for both.

Russia should “do the same thing in Ukraine” as it did during the 2008 Russia-Georgia conflict over the disputed South Ossetia region.

A longtime advocate of unifying Russian-speaking territories into a new Russian empire, Mr Dugin has wholeheartedly supported Moscow’sMoscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

A national monument was vandalized by supporters of his Eurasia Party, which was banned in Ukraine in 2007.

As a result of his alleged involvement in Moscow’sMoscow’s annexation of Crimea the US imposed sanctions against him in 2015.

Journalist Dugina herself has been sanctioned by the United States and the United Kingdom. She is considered one of Britain’s most prominent disinformation contributors about the Ukraine war.

In her role as a commentator on Tsargrad’sTsargrad’s nationalist TV channel, she expressed similar views to those of her father.

Using the familiar form of her name, Tsargrad said on Sunday that Dasha has always been a front runner in confrontation with the West.

Dugina had attended a cultural festival in the hours leading up to the death with her father.

Inna Sovsun, a Ukrainian MP, told reporters that Dugin was the only person to blame for the killing. As Dugin himself once said: ”What doesn’t kill me, dies someone else.” In this case, it was his little girl.”

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