How to Clean 6.6 kw Solar Panel System

6.6 kw Solar Panel System

Most individuals have never cleaned their roofs since nobody looks at them very often, and we typically only clean things when we can tell they are dirty. Even if moss or weeds may be sprouting out of the house’s roof across the street, it is someone else’s issue. However, suppose you don’t clean your 6.6 kw Solar Panel System after installation. In that case, they will appear unpleasant and lose efficiency, which will squander a key economic benefit if installing solar panels was part of the decision to save money.

Security First

Cleaning solar panels have its own set of issues because of how they are installed, and safety must always come first. The best method is to complete the task while standing on the ground and using a long pole with a soft cloth or sponge. With a house that isn’t too tall, you can do it. After all, we’ve all seen window cleaners wiping dirty glass many feet in the air using equipment that also appears to be used for cleaning swimming pools. Although it will be more convenient and simple, it is vital.

Be Gentle With Them

With all those glass surfaces to consider, solar panels are pretty sensitive. It’s also important not to damage them since the smoother they are, the better they function. For this reason, the cloth or sponge at the end of your pole needs to be delicate; never use it to scrub a caked-on pot. Use a soft brush, sponge, or mop to complete the task; however, be careful of any harsh edges that might unintentionally provide a stinging blow that would destroy all of your hard work.

Natural Or Chemical?

Since solar panels are a part of the environmentally-conscious movement, many advice columns for solar panels may suggest biodegradable cleaners or liquids to help coax the dirt off. If you can locate one that decomposes, that’s great, but don’t be too hard on yourself if you want to use something less environmentally friendly.

It’s worth trying plain old water first, and if you have adequate water pressure, you could discover that good hosting is required, which would make your life much simpler. Additionally, suppose your home’s design permits it, and there is a dormer window or skylight on the roof. In that case, you might be able to use it by connecting the hose to a bath faucet and finishing the job from the inside, requiring some stretching and neck craning to get the angles just right.

Alternatives include renting a cherrypicker or employing a scaffolding platform, which will cost money but somewhat simplify the job.

Security on the Roof

Again, it will depend on the design of your house if everything else fails and you have to climb up on the roof. Although you should use a safety harness, flat surfaces like those found on extensions and similar structures may be helpful. Why not consult a roofer you know for advice?

How Frequently Do I Need to Clean My Solar Panels?

That will primarily rely on the surroundings in which you are. There will be wind-blown debris if there are trees nearby. Moist conditions and shade are ideal for moss and fungal growth. After a week or two, please look closely at your canadian solar panels for sale to assess their condition. And don’t stop looking carefully. Clean them when they begin to seem dirty.

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