How To Delete Apps From A Chromebook?

How to Delete Apps on Your Chromebook to Save Storage Space and Clutter Your Menus

You can delete apps on a Chromebook in some steps, as soon as you recognize a way to access the menus of various apps on your computer.

Once you find the app you need to put off on your launcher, right-clicking on it will let you quick uninstall it from your Chromebook.

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Sometimes, what you really want is a few technical minimalism, to speed things up and make your person enjoy extra intuitive.

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Chromebooks are already very few in terms of apps, but if you’ve installed one you now not need, removing it’s miles an easy assignment that takes less than a minute to finish. Should.

How To Delete Apps On Chromebook

1. Open Launcher – it is the circle icon within the decrease-left corner of the display.

2. Click the up-carrot to see all your apps.

 HOW TO REMOVE APPS CHROMEBOOKDevon Delfino/Business Insider

Click at the carrot above to open your apps menu.

Right-click on on the app you need to uninstall by way of tapping the trackpad with two palms.

 Select “Uninstall” or “Remove from Chrome”.

 Click “Remove”.

Alternatively, if you don’t see what you’re looking for on your apps menu, it won’t be an app but a Chrome extension.

You can disable Chrome extensions with the aid of clicking the three stacked dots inside the top-right nook of the Chrome window and selecting “More Tools” after which “Extensions.” Then flip off any extensions you do not want.

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Chromebooks are not continually the most generous with garage, so it is in no way a hassle to run out of apps you do not use. You can delete apps on a Chromebook in  predominant methods, both of so that it will take you much less than a minute. You can uninstall those you no longer have any use for, directly from the app drawer or through the Google Play Store.

The technique relies upon at the method you choose, however the end result is the same. We will inform you about both the options on this post.

How to Delete Apps on Chromebook Through the App Drawer

Chromebook Uninstall App Old

Click the round icon in the decrease-left nook of your Chromebook, after which click the up arrow to look a list of apps you’ve got mounted to your tool.

On newer Chrome OS versions, you have got a distinct interface. You can click the circular icon in the decrease-left corner of your screen, and the app list will pop up simply above it.

Chromebook Uninstall App New

Find the app you need to take away, proper-click and pick out Uninstall alternative. Click Uninstall once more while the window pops up, and you are excellent to go.

Chromebook Uninstall App Characters

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Keep in thoughts that this technique is greater or much less similar to uninstalling an app you downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. The only distinction is that the choice to dispose of the app might be categorized as Remove from Chrome as opposed to Uninstall.

If you can not locate a particular Chrome Web Store app, visit chrome://extensions in Google Chrome. Look for Extensions, and click Remove. Click Remove once more on the affirmation pop-up.

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Remove Chromebook Extensions

How to Uninstall Apps on Chromebook through Play Store

Chromebook Uninstall App Play Store

It’s as clean as deleting apps on a Chromebook through the Play Store. To get began locate and open the Play Store app to your device and then click on at the icon within the top-left nook (3 vertical traces). Select the My apps & games alternative and click on on the Install tab on the top. Select the app you want to do away with, click the Uninstall button and affirm your choice by means of clicking OK.

How To Delete Apps From Chromebook

Right click at the app you want to cast off

Press Uninstall or Remove from Chromebook

Select Uninstall

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If you have an app that you no longer need for your computer, understanding the way to take away apps from Chromebook will are available in handy.

Luckily, the process to do away with apps out of your device is quality and simple. So, with out further ado, permit’s undergo it in element – right here’s how to delete apps from Chromebook.

Quick version

open launcher

Right-click at the app you want to take away

press uninstall

Confirm By Way Of Urgent Uninstall Again



open launcher

To delete any app, first you need to open the Launcher, that’s the circle icon at the bottom-left corner of the display screen.

Pressing it will show a small menu with an up arrow, a seek bar, and a few these days used apps at the bottom. Up arrow on the top to open the app drawerPress on.



Right click at the app you want to eliminate

Once you hit the up arrow, you need to be greeted with a Launchpad fashion app list where you may select an app to delete.

To select it, hit your trackpad with two arms and right-click at the icon.



Press Uninstall or Remove from Chromebook

Tapping the trackpad with  fingers will deliver up a contextual menu where you may both pin the app in your shelf, or uninstall it, and bring up any app’s records. Of route, we’re going to put off the app, so hit ‘Uninstall’.



Select Uninstall

To affirm the elimination of this app, press ‘Uninstall’. This need to then absolutely take away the app out of your Chromebook. If you discover that you deleted some thing with the aid of mistake, just go to the Google Play Store and download it once more.

If it is no longer an app you want to remove, but a Chrome extension (these aren’t observed in the app menu), open a Chrome window and visit the 3 stacked dots within the top-right corner. Then, cross into ‘More Tools’ and then ‘Extensions’. Here you’ll be capable of disable all extensions which you do not need or want anymore.

If you ever need to reinstall any of them, visit the Chrome Store and look for extensions so that you can download them again later.

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