How To Make Sugar Wax Without Lemon?

If you are the DIY kind, sporting egg yolks on your hair or avocados for your face is without a doubt as probably as slathering on a regular in-shower body wash. Pulling off frame hair, even though? Not lots. While there are some matters we love to go away to the pros (ahem, microneedling), sugar is one that—if finished nicely—can be delivered to your DIY arsenal. But first permit’s communicate about the blessings. Sugar is said to be the number one approach of hair removal in ancient Egypt (Cleopatra also can have been a fan, too), and for unique purpose. For one, the components inside the actual paste are all-herbal, making them a dream for the touchy. Skin kinds. Then there’s the truth that sugar pulls from the foundation of the hair, and much less at the pores and skin (re: it is lots much less painful).

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If you’re carrying thick hair, waxing may be a higher suit, but sugar is lauded among humans with tremendous hair for its ease of use and promising effects. We talked to two waxing professionals, Cindy Barshop, founding father of VSpot Medi Spa, and Rachel Gallo of Exhale Spa, to get the go-to recommendations on the manner to make sugar wax at home.

What Is Sugar Wax?

Sugar wax

“Sugar wax is an all-herbal waxing answer that has been used for many years,” says Gallo. “The advantages of sugar wax are exfoliating and hydrating outcomes, which are not usually determined after waxing or shaving.” While shaving can result in ingrown hairs in coarse hair sorts and hairs develop returned quick, the sugar pulls them via the basis, leading to a great deal much less, longer-lasting, greater eternal hair increase. According to Gallo, consequences can last as long as 28 days and may be made with ingredients you possibly have already got in your own home.

You can get some more knowledge how to make sugar wax

Waxing vs sugaring

There are a few differences between traditional wax and Chinese wax and the technique of the use of each. For one thing, sugar is less painful. This is because waxing uses a strip to dispose of hair in the opposite path to the follicle’s increase pattern (which reasons ache). With sugar, but, the hair is pulled inside the herbal path of the follicle’s growth sample.

Waxing also may be more painful because it makes use of warm wax, which can reason infection. Sugaring uses greater room temperature wax (and is extra herbal than conventional waxing).

DIY Sugar Wax Ingredients

According to Gallo, you’ll handiest want 3 substances for an at-domestic sugar wax recipe.

1 cup white sugar

1/eight cup lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar)

1/8 cup heat water


Place a medium sized pot at the stove and placed all of the elements inside the pot.

Bring the combination to a boil over excessive warmth, making sure to stir it regularly to keep away from burning.

Once the aggregate starts to bubble, lessen the warmth to medium and maintain stirring often.

When the mixture turns golden brown, take the pan off the flame. The consistency of your sugar paste want to be similar to that of heat sugar syrup. If it’s far thick like honey, it is able to not keep on with the pores and pores and skin – so warmness it a little longer.

Take out in a bowl and permit the paste to cool for half of-hour. The wax have to despite the fact that be hot but smooth to govern.

The way to put together your pores and skin

woman spreading cream on her arm

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Barshop recommends cleansing the location lightly, alongside aspect a natural cleaning soap like Cetaphil’s Ultra Gentle Body Wash ($6). Both experts endorse that the location be smooth and freed from creams and oils—if your pores and pores and skin is prone to oiliness, you can eliminate excess oil with a frame wipe or witch hazel, shows Barshop. If you play with sunburned pores and skin or irritated, open wounds, keep away from setting sugar in the ones areas. In addition, Barshop notes which you must forestall the use of oral or topical acne or retinoid medicinal drug at the least six days in advance than sugar.

How to Use Your DIY Sugar Wax

sugar wax

Your DIY sugar wax may be applied to the face or body, as long as the length of the hair is as a minimum 1 / 4 inch. Sugaring gets bonus elements because of the reality there is no need for cloth bandages, however be conscious that sugar waxing can although be extraordinarily painful. It is greater cost-effective than different options, which include going to a wax expert or buying waxes and strips as it uses elements you probably have already got.

Here’s a way to use the paste, constant with Barshop.

Hold the wax with the hints of your palms and thumb.

Spread the wax in the course in which the hair is growing.

Pull the pores and skin taught with the alternative hand and lightly pull the wax in the contrary route.

Always rip the wax parallel to the pores and skin (never in an upward movement).

If you have more paste, preserve it in a plastic discipline at room temperature.


“After hair removal, get rid of any wax residue with a pores and skin wax remover or warm water and a washcloth,” says Barshop. “You can also comply with an antiseptic cream regularly for one to two days after sugar.Can.” Gallo recommends the use of coconut oil from lemon juice to lessen acidity and soothe pores and pores and skin (try this one from Kopari for an unrefined, organic option). Sugaring the motorcycle In those regions or underarms, avoid operating out or bathing in warm water—those areas may be sensitive to warmth.

How lengthy does sugar wax remain?

Depending on how fast your hair grows, you can anticipate your outcomes to ultimate about 5 to six weeks.

Is Sugar Waxing Better Than Shaving?

It is ultimately as a whole lot as you to weigh the professionals and cons of each. Sugaring will closing longer than shaving, and since it pulls the hair at once from the idea, everyday sugaring can reduce hair increase over time. On the opposite hand, shaving is a lot much less painful (and messy) than sugar, and typically extra handy. Although you can have to shave more regularly, the stubble commonly recurs interior one to a few days.

Can you are getting showered after sugar?

You’re accurate to wash after sugar, in step with Alexandra Accardo, an authorized esthetician. However, you ought to avoid the fitness center, as well as high heat (assume saunas or heat tubs) and a few other shape of pores and skin-to-pores and pores and skin touch for 24-forty eight hours.

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