How To Save A Microsoft Word Document As A Pdf File

Microsoft Word documents are one of the maximum not unusual styles of documents saved as PDFs. PDF files comprise textual content and on occasion pictures, that is content created by the use of Microsoft Word. click here

If you’ve got a Word document that you want to store as a PDF report, there are numerous ways to accomplish that. Click the hyperlink below for commands on the way to create a PDF from a Word record.

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Save The Word File As A Pdf

In most variations of Microsoft Word, you can directly shop a Word report to a PDF report type with the aid of following the steps underneath.

Open an existing Word file or create a brand new Word record.

Click the File tab or menu alternative within the top-left of the Word application window.

Click the Save As an alternative in the menu.

On the Save As window, click the Browse button or option to select a place on your laptop to shop the record.

In the Save as kind drop-down listing, choose the PDF (*.Pdf) choice.

Click the Save button to keep the Word record as a PDF.

A new characteristic to be had in Microsoft Word 2016 is the capacity to export a Word document to a PDF layout to create a PDF file. Follow the steps under to export your Word 2016 document to PDF.

Open an existing Word report or create a brand new Word document.

Click the File tab or menu option within the upper-left of the Word application window.

Click on the Export choice inside the menu.

Select the Create PDF/XPS report alternative, then click on the Create PDF/XPS button.

In the Publish as PDF or XPS window, select the place in which you need to store the record. Make positive the Save as the kind drop-down listing is set to PDF (*.Pdf), then click the Publish button.

The published PDF record will be opened in your default PDF viewing utility.

Print A Word Document To Pdf

A Word file may be published electronically in PDF format by developing a PDF report. Printing to PDF requires that you have a PDF advent software hooked up to your pc so that Word can print to that PDF converter. We suggest one of the following two free PDF conversion packages.

  • Cutepdf
  • primo pdf

Download and install one of the two PDF conversion programs, then follow the stairs beneath to print your Word document to a PDF document.

Open an existing Word document or create a new Word document.

Click the File tab or menu choice in the higher-left of the Word program window.

Click on Print alternative in the menu.

On the Print page or window, exchange the chosen printer to the CutePDF Writer or PrimoPDF Printer option, depending on which one you have hooked up.

Click on the Print button.

If the usage of CutePDF, a Save As the window opens. Select the vicinity where you need to save the PDF file, input the document calls for the PDF file, and click on the Save button.

If using PrimoPDF, a PrimoPDF window opens. By default, the Save As choice might be set to Ask when creating a PDF. You can leave this as the default, or you can trade the choice to a selected folder that calls for you to select where on your laptop to save the PDF record. Click the Create PDF File button and observe any extra prompts to create and save the PDF document on your pc.

Part 2. Can’t Keep Word Doc As Pdf? Solved!

While seeking to store Word Docs as PDFs, you could face subsequent problems.

1. Hyperlinks Disappear When Word Doc Is Transformed To Pdf.

When a Word document you have created contains hyperlinks and also you do not want them to disappear after conversion, you’ll need to use the unique Adobe PDF menu or toolbar buttons instead of the PDF printer throughout the conversion. If you’re the use of Word Perfect, you may need to make certain the Publish to PDF settings are set to convert links.

2. Comments Disappear While A Word Doc Is Saved As A Pdf.

To resolve this problem, in Microsoft Word, you need to click on File, Send after which pick out “Email as PDF attachment choice”. You need to be capable of remark the balloons in the ensuing PDF. Change the monitoring setting to “Final Showing Markup”.

3. When A Word Doc Is Stored As A Pdf, The Borders Are Corrupted Or Disappear.

If you encounter this trouble whilst seeking to shop Word to PDF, you’ll need to do the subsequent:

Select the complete row that has been shaded, and then visit “Table”, then “Table Properties” after which “Borders and Shading” after which choose the Borders tab.

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