How to Use Webinars To Improve the Customer Experience 2023


Your ingenuity is the main constraint when it comes to developing webinars. You may construct a webinar that is so customized to your ideal consumer that they’ll think you made it, especially for them thanks to personalization choices for everything from the invitations to the follow-up emails. Customer experience is one of the most crucial factors for consumers, according to studies. For instance, 70% of individuals say they would be willing to spend more money with a business that offers top-notch customer support. The following webinar suggestions will help you improve your customers’ overall experience.

Best tips to organize webinars to enhance customer experience

Use customer-centric webinar topic

Finding a topic that genuinely fascinates your audience is the only way to use webinars to establish customer connections. The secret is to prioritize your webinar aims second, after considering your audience. Try these methods if you want a quick way to uncover a webinar topic that is effective:

  • To identify your most popular content, look at your website and blog stats.
  • Look at blog and social media comments to find the biggest issues.
  • Ask your fans on social media what they want to learn more about.
  • Inquire of your sales or customer service staff about typical problems and complaints received from clients.
  • Invite attendees to submit their own questions and discussion topics on the landing page for your webinar.

Answer questions

A lot of individuals join webinars to learn important information about products and to get their queries answered. Because of this, so many web events feature a unique Q&A segment. (If it’s more convenient for you, you can respond to some questions on the internet.) You can increase trust by responding to a variety of questions and demonstrating your genuine concern for others. The majority of webinar platforms provide Q&A tools that might assist you in addressing your client’s concerns.

Who doesn’t appreciate a company that cares? Customers can also submit questions in advance, and you can modify the webinar’s structure and the subjects presented as necessary. Find out what subjects your social, support, and sales teams bring up with customers most frequently by regularly engaging with them. What inquiries do individuals make about your business, goods, etc.? Do they harbor any concern? Is the information complete? Maybe they want to know if there will be a new line since they are curious. Perhaps they want to hear from more customers to determine whether the good or service is sufficient. On the other side, they might not know how to use your product to its fullest potential.

Most of the time, prospective and current clients express their knowledge gaps to your reps in unambiguous terms. Customer satisfaction will increase if you host a webinar with questions and answers or one that is related to the subject.

Hire a professional speaker

It could be an insider, an outsider, or both. Building trust and letting people know how the business operates from the inside can be accomplished by allowing an internal speaker to offer useful information, respond to inquiries, and discuss your products. You can use online webinar platforms to connect remote attendees and speakers in real-time, regardless of location. Having an outside expert on board will provide a fresh perspective on the products or the subject of interest and foster confidence with customers.

Product update

Provide monthly webinars on the newest features of your product for your existing consumers. Webinar service providers can assist you in effectively demonstrating your products or services. You have the chance to create buzz about new features in this type of webinar and demonstrate how customers are gaining from them. Make sure you show clients how to use new features and provide them with a preview of upcoming product improvements. Customers will feel the love and stay with you if they know you’re always learning and have their best interests at heart.

Facilitate meaningful engagement

One of the main advantages of webinars is two-way engagement, so use your platform’s options creatively. Consider how you may use the technologies at your disposal to create a more fulfilling experience when creating your program. Top-performing webinars include more components, such as PowerPoint presentations, Q&A sessions, polls, and surveys, in their sessions. Break-out room features, text chat, and interactive whiteboards. The best webinar platform’s engagement tools can also be used as enjoyable icebreakers and creative energy boosters, as well as opportunities for participants to express their opinions, views, and experiences.

Help Your Customers Network and Build Community

The fact that guests can access information without being overrun by the in-person social interactions they might encounter at a live event is one of the appeals of webinars. However, there is no reason why dynamic virtual networking can’t be a part of webinars. There are numerous strategies to assist your clients and webinar participants in networking with your speakers and one another. By generating a hashtag, distributing the speakers’ social media handles, and/or starting a closed LinkedIn or Facebook group, you can start dialogues on social media with the confirmation email. By providing introductions and stimulating questions in the chat pod during the webinar, you may promote participation. You may also urge guests to enter their social media contact information in the discussion using online webinar services.

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