TOP 5 Pocket Knives in The Category From $15,00 According To Knife and Knives.


We continue to publish annual final knife reviews. The TOP-5 Pocket Knives below 15,00 dollars include the best-selling folders, which knife and knives customers “voted in dollars” on. and showed great interest. . Today’s Note, similar to the first Note, also does not have a split into new items for 2022 and previously released models.

1. Pro-Tech TR-3

The automatic knife Pro-Tech TR-3 is very practical, pleasant to the touch, and functional, produced by the manufacturer in a wide range of versions. The TR-3 has long been a true Pro-Tech classic and its entry into the TOP is natural!

2. NL Frodo knives

The Frodo Pocket knife is a custom folder (the knife is handmade) from the young Russian knife company NL Knives, made of high-quality steel and expensive finishing materials. This custom-level knife is well priced and available for purchase in different versions. Without a doubt, for artisan knife connoisseurs, it is also a value to the collection. The rating features an updated version of the Pocket knife, with a clip!

3. Microtech Ultratech

Microtech’s Ultratech Front Pocket Switchblade Knife holds the undisputed title of the most popular OTF (OTF) blade knife. Ultratech in the updated chassis is flawless and at the same time has smooth automation, absolute reliability, stylish equipment, an enlarged cord hole, and many different versions.

4. Zero Tolerance ZT0707

Raffiné, elégant et très léger (heavy 68 g), le couteau pliant ZT0707 peut facilement faire face à une variété de taches quidiennes comme un dossier EDC, ou jouer le rôle d’un couteau. costume de train businessman . Featured folder breaks records popularity!

5. Benchmade Bugout

The hugely popular Benchmade Bugout Pocket knife has been in the rating several times and today is not inferior to its leading position, and for good reason. After all, the Bugout is not just a well-thought-out and meticulously designed Pocket knife. These press brakes are also nicely made by the manufacturer: they simply come in a large variety of versions, with a variety of steel blades, different handle materials, options for exterior finishes, and blade finishes.

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