What is the meaning and role of a tutor?

What kind of image do you have when you hear “Home tutors Lahore“? They are active in various places related to education, such as schools, prep school tutors, and university tutors. Of course, even after becoming a member of society, the person in charge of educating employees may be called a tutor.

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A part-time tutor has a wide range of duties and duties, depending on the place of work, such as a school, a preparatory school, a university, or a company. It’s more like “support” for personal growth than “teaching,” and it’s the best job for those who want to help others or do a job that helps others.

This time, I will introduce the meaning and role of a tutor.

The role of a “tutor” changes in various situations.

 Let’s see what role tutors play in their work.

The role of tutors active in the school and preparatory school industry

Some schools and preparatory schools have learning consultation rooms.

 The “tutors” who are active here mainly advise on learning to students.

 The scope of support varies depending on the class of students enrolled, but for elementary and junior high school students, advice on how to establish study habits and study methods, and for high school students, consultation on how to study for university entrance exams and where to go. To do.

The role of tutors active in universities

[1] Tutors as learning supporters for college students

In university lectures, tutors are sometimes used to support the class.

 For example, chemistry experiments cover areas that university lecturers and professors cannot reach, such as giving lectures to students on how to use equipment and giving detailed instructions on handling chemicals.

 In addition, there is also work to comment on and give advice on assignments and reports that are issued every time.

 The scope of support varies from university to university, but many are active as good advisors to their students.

[2] A tutor who provides daily life support for international students

For international students who have just arrived from overseas, we have tutors who support university life and daily life. (It’s called the “tutor system.”)

 While teaching, we teach students how to shop at supermarkets, dispose of garbage (how to sort trash), etc. A tutor will provide partial support.

 This is a popular job for students who are proficient in English and want to interact with international students.

 In particular, international students who have just arrived will spend their days in a state of anxiety.

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How to become a tutor?

In the case of university tutors, the scope of recruitment is narrow, and you may not always be able to become one.

 This is because applicants may be limited to graduate students, and the selection may be based on recommendations from professors.

 English language proficiency is a must, as the conditions for hiring tutors for international students may require daily English conversation skills.

This is because I can use the student life I have experienced so far, and I can pass on the knowledge and experiences I have gained from taking entrance exams to my juniors.

 By the way, there are many similarities between tutors at schools and preparatory schools, and private tutoring schools.

 In the case of a private tutoring cram school teacher, the main job is to teach the students a fixed subject within a specific time.

 In class, I sometimes answer questions about my studies, and sometimes I devise a study schedule together.

 Before the regular test period, I will advise motivating the students.

 They are similar if you compare them with the cram schools and preparatory school tutors we have introduced so far.

Presence of tutors critical in educational institutions

Here, we have introduced tutors at cram schools, preparatory schools, and university tutors.

 The scenes and places where they are active are different, but part-time tutoring is a job to support “someone.” Part-time tutors serve as a point of contact for high school students who are worried about university entrance exams, elementary and junior high school students who are concerned about studying and how to deal with regular tests, and international students who have just arrived from distant countries. Active.

A tutor can only provide support.

Many students feel better mentally, have more motivation to study, and have a better outlook on their future studies by interacting with a tutor.

 In that sense, students may rely more on their tutors than their instructors.

 A tutor does not directly teach a student, but it is a position that influences the student’s life, which leads to a sense of satisfaction and motivation for the tutor himself.

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There is an article that summarizes the work of tutors at cram and preparatory schools, so please refer to it.

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